This is our WHY

Through our work at Jobber Group, we have seen the good, bad and ugly of talent acquisition – candidate experiences, interview processes, assessments, and AI – and the number one thing that hinders us from hiring the right people is…ourselves.

In the past, we’ve been asked to talk about Unconscious Bias and Conscious Inclusion in the talent acquisition process. What we found is that one hour isn’t enough. We barely scratched the surface and attendees wanted something to take home to help them work on their own negative behaviors. And that is how Breaking the Bias was born.

Bias, neither positive or negative, only becomes negative when our behavior makes it so. That behavior is instinctual, automatic and unconscious (most of the time). From the moment we’re born we’re given filters by everyone around us through which our biases are expressed. Very similar to how certain genetic traits are passed down from generation to generation, so are these filters for how we see people. Add another layer of filters from the world around us and you can see how quickly we’re more shaped by external factors.

WHY we started this program and WHY it excites us so much is because we truly believe we can help organizations create cultures of curiosity and inclusivity by helping every individual person in those companies break their own biases. This isn’t your typical “lecture” about Diversity. We’re not here to slap you on the wrist and force you to say “I’m biased.” We start with this premise – we’re all biased – so that we can work together to become more aware of our biases. Then we can start to change what we value. Instead of judgment let’s value curiosity. If each one of us can do that, then every organization can start to truly be more inclusive.

That #Inclusion has to be deliberate. Then #Diversity can naturally grow and our companies will transform and be more successful. And we’ll be happier, better people.

What is your WHY?


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