How to Celebrate International Womxn’s Day

Appreciation months like Black History Month, Women’s History Month and PRIDE  have become a time for targeted marketing and office parties that are nothing more than reasons to drink and eat. But as leaders it is important for you to determine how you will differentiate between overall company gatherings and meaningful support and respect for cultural or historic moments throughout the year.

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Update on COVID-19

With more people working remotely in the current climate, we can’t neglect company culture and building an inclusive space (virtually) for every employee. We are providing interactive online workshops, trainings and strategy sessions to help you build your DEI&B plans. Consider how you can meet your employees where they learn best and provide options to be inclusive of everyone.

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Webinar: Building Inclusive Celebrations

Join us on March 17th, 3pmET/12pmPT for our discussion on how to think holistically about appreciation months (like Women’s History Month and Black History Month) and celebrating underrepresented groups in your company.

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The Importance of Understanding Microaggressions at Work

These are all examples of microaggressions at work, everyday verbal and nonverbal slights or snubs, which are frequently not intended to cause harm or hurt feelings, but their impact often does just that. If you find yourself in a situation where someone has approached you with a concern, here are some ways to handle it.

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Leadership Isn’t a Role, It’s a Series of Behaviors

We know there is a deep connection between culture and organizational outcomes. When culture is done right, it unleashes tremendous energy, harnessing a diverse set of talents towards shared organizational goals. But a culture that is hostile and dysfunctional cripples the organization’s capacity and drives away talent.

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