Building a Starting Point for DEI&B Strategy

Breaking the Bias is a starting point for diversityequityinclusion and belonging practitioners, leaders and enthusiasts who are asking themselves “How do I even get started with a strategy in my company?” Keep in mind that this strategy is less about checking the box on one-time trainings or initiatives that are meant to get more “likes” than make actual impact. You can start simple and small. This edition of our newly launched newsletter provides examples of how to get started.


2020 Planning

Check out our 2020 DEI&B Planning eBook to help you start formulating a strategy that makes sense for your employees and your company. And check out a recording of our 2020 Planning webinar by clicking below:

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Employee Resource Groups

One great way to start building a DEI&B strategy that involves your employees is to thoughtfully design and launch ERGs. Check out our ERGs 101 eBook for guidance.

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Immersive Curriculum

Everyone learns in a different way. Any educational strategy must take this into account. As you build your DEI&B strategy, consider how you can meet your employees where they learn best and provide “mixed reality” options to be inclusive of everyone.

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A Taste of Curiosity

Traditional unconscious bias trainings have, for the most part, been ineffective. This unique experience creates a safe space for a vulnerable conversation, using our natural curiosity of food and drink, that doesn’t point fingers and try to make you feel guilty. It level sets with everyone that we all have bias and forges a path forward for building curious and conscious behaviors that help us to positively express our biases.

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