This is a quote from science fiction author CJ Cherryh. There are so, so many quotes about the value of curiosity and its power. Curiosity is a secret key that unlocks so much in the world. Amazing inventions, ground breaking artifacts and so much more. Most of the simply amazing things that we see in this world can be tracked back to someone’s willingness to be curious.

Curiosity kills unconscious biased decisions 100% of the time. Curiosity is one of the most reliable things in the fight against unconscious bias so why aren’t we willing to always leverage it?

When you meet people ask yourself – am I making a snap judgment and trusting my first impression or am I beginning a journey of true exploration and curiosity? In some of our other content we talk about In-group / Out-group dynamics and bias. Curiosity is the secret weapon that levels the playing field.

Train your brain to be curious of ALL people and you will be amazed at how much your world changes. Apply this to interviews, meetings, social gatherings and beyond. Change your view of the world…let’s break the cycle of bias…curiosity and inclusion are a magical cocktail! Give it a try!