About UB Ciminieri

UB has a passion for helping people matter. He has a clear perspective of the good, bad and ugly of how companies are being built. Surviving workplace violence and his Latino background define that perspective. As such, he is an advocate for talent safety and happiness.

Our March Newsletter

    How to Celebrate International Womxn's Day Appreciation months like Black History Month, Women's History Month and PRIDE  have become a time for targeted marketing and office parties that are nothing more than reasons to drink and eat. But as leaders it is important for you to determine how you will differentiate between overall

Our February Newsletter

    Building a Starting Point for DEI&B Strategy Breaking the Bias is a starting point for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging practitioners, leaders and enthusiasts who are asking themselves "How do I even get started with a strategy in my company?" Keep in mind that this strategy is less about checking the box on one-time trainings or initiatives that are meant

EdgGuide Micronavigation Technology Launches in Denver, Enabling Greater Autonomy for Visually Impaired

Our partner and facilitator, Mike Hess, in conjunction with CACI and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, has just launched an amazing life-changing technology to help blind and visually impaired people participate in our modern world: https://www.dmns.org/press-room/press-releases/edgguide-micronavigation-technology-launches-in-denver-enabling-greater-autonomy/