On Monday, November 11, 2019 we launched our first “Taste of Curiosity” dinner. And what an experience it was!

In partnership with RTE Cuisine and Infinite Monkey Theorem, we planned a conversation about our biases using food and wine as a vehicle to create a safe and vulnerable way to have that conversation. If we’re curious about trying new flavors, perhaps we can be as interested in the people who create them and the cultures they come from. And within this awareness, we may be able to develop a curiosity for all people, things and ideas.

The night began with simple yet powerful exercises to help kick off the conversation – tasting oysters and wine – and writing down descriptions while mingling with other attendees.

Taste of Curiosity dinner tasting

We continued the conversation as we sat down together to experience a dinner crafted by Chef Jesus Silva of Misaki on Broadway in Denver, Colorado. Through his food and his story, we experienced very eye-opening truths that led to great sharing of other’s stories.

A Taste of Curiosity dinner

At the end of the night, attendees left with an awareness of bias that will drive a conscious effort to be more curious about people, things and ideas. It is this awareness that can drive inclusion in our homes, communities and workplaces.

For more information about hosting your own Taste of Curiosity dinner with us, email me directly at ub@breakingthebias.com. This experience is a unique way to bring your leadership and management teams together to break bread and break your biases in a safe, vulnerable and collaborative place.