We are all born into BIAS.

Starting here gives us the ability to have safe and honest conversations about our biases. Now we can work together to build a better workplace. 

What is Breaking the Bias?

Curiosity should be deliberate. Diversity should be natural. Consciously choose to change your judgments into curiosity.

Breaking the Bias is a program designed to help companies and individuals create tools, methods, and strategies that systematically change our ability to drive curiosity – curiosity for people, ideas and collaboration – and build more inclusive and involved workplaces. Created by Joe Thurman and UB Ciminieri, co-founders of Jobber Group, a national talent strategy firm, this program puts action behind the conversation of Conscious Inclusion and Unconscious Bias.

We approach Breaking the Bias not as a one-off talk but as the beginning of a conversation about bias in your workplace. Engagements are based on our time with you. We introduce you to our program and then spend time with your leadership team to map out a long-term strategy:

Breaking the Bias 101

“The Code of Curiosity”

60-90 minute sessions for employees and leaders to develop a cohesive understanding and awareness of unconscious bias and conscious inclusion in your organization.

Deep Dive w/ Leadership

Strategic DEI Discussion

A strategic leadership discussion about DEI initiatives in your organization, focused on your areas of need (see to the right for more information).

Breaking the Bias Half-Day Workshops

Immersive and Experiential

4-hour workshops for employees and leaders to continue a deep dive into the science of bias through exercises focused in 3 areas: Curiosity, Empathy and Communication.

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Break the Bias to Drive Change in Different Areas of Your Business

Founders Joe & UB

Joe Thurman
Joe ThurmanCo-Founder
Joe is driven by building companies and working with talented people. Helping leaders build inclusive organizations where #PEOPLEMATTER has been his mission for almost 15 years. Joe believes that coaching and empowering people to value curiosity over judgment unlocks the mindset that encourages inclusion, diversity and a vision of human equality.
UB Ciminieri
UB CiminieriCo-Founder
UB has a passion for helping #PEOPLEMATTER. He has a clear perspective of the good, bad and ugly of how companies are being built. Surviving workplace violence and his Latino background helped define that perspective. As such, he is an advocate for people safety and happiness. He uses his “stained glass view” of the world to help people overcome internal obstacles to be better humans to themselves and others.

Our Team of Facilitators

Nina Baliga
Nina BaligaFacilitator
Nina believes that problems can be solved for people of all backgrounds and walks of life. With 10 years of work in the tech sector under her belt, Nina has focused on user experience design, digital strategy, and business development. Nina wants to see more women and people of color in leadership positions around the country. She hopes to build a foundation for a stronger and more diverse tech community. She recently joined forces with Jobber Group and Breaking the Bias to help diverse, impactful and inclusive leaders find organizations who value just that.
Mike Hess
Mike HessFacilitator
Mike Hess is Founder and Executive Director of the Blind Institute of Technology. He brings more than two decades of blindness experience, leadership, and thoughtfulness to their mission. Even though Mike had great success in his corporate career, he always had the notion of leaving his thumbprint on humanity. Thus, he left corporate America to begin the mission at Blind Institute of Technology. He brings his unique perspective to Breaking the Bias to help organizations “see” through his eyes when working to build more curious and inclusive workplaces.

Blog Posts

Check out articles by our Founders and guest contributors.

I attended the Unconscious Bias and Diversity Workshop [with Mike Hess, Executive Director of Blind Institute of Technology]. This workshop’s power to spotlight our preconceived biases helped bring a thoughtful reminder on how we should approach each interaction in the future. I would highly recommend anyone to attend this workshop – this is helpful professionally and personally. Don’t judge the book by its cover…

Annicka, Executive, Fortune 250

The unconscious bias event was truly impactful to me. Mike showed us how our experiences influence our bias and how we can grow past it to better connect with people.

Dan, Sr. Strategist, IT Services

The Unconscious Bias workshop led by Mike Hess at the Blind Institute of Technology on April 18th, 2019 was an event that I left filled with new knowledge and actionable takeaways. What I learned does not fail to resurface every day as it has impacted both my personal and professional life. The power of conscious listening was the biggest eye-opener for me. Just like breathing, it is easy to overlook as it is in our nature, however, truly practicing and harvesting this skill can change every relationship and day-to-day interaction you have in your life.

Hector, Founder, People Communications Strategy

This workshop isn’t your typical lecture-style workshop. It’s interactive and collaborative and doesn’t try to point the finger at everybody as if to say “You’re biased!” We all are. It’s just a really safe space to explore that as an individual person so that I can learn about ways to keep working on being less biased, not just at work but in life. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to create a more inclusive space around them!

Anonymous, Executive, Emerging Tech Company

The Unconscious Bias Lunch & Learn led by Breaking the Bias at the Amplify Denver/Boulder event was above and beyond what we expected. Although we only had an hour to scratch the surface of a very complex topic, UB and Joe presented the information in a concise, digestible, and inspiring manner. The members of our group left with more awareness of their personal biases, increased curiosity for others and the biases they hold, and motivation to start or continue the dialogue outside of our group. 10 out of 10, would recommend!

Kelly, Executive, Social Organization


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