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As a part of interviewIA, we offer a holistic solution to help you and your hiring teams build a structured interview process driven by trained interviewers who can make the right hiring decisions every time while mitigating their own biases and delivering a more equitable, ethical, and effective interview process.

Our trainings include unlimited attendees and up to two (2) facilitators.

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What we will help you with:

Accelerate the hiring process and reduce the need for trial-and-error hiring. Discover impactful changes you could be making to your hiring strategy.

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What you will learn:

Learn what is necessary to be a better interviewer: the five (5) most common biases and mitigation techniques, and the most common mistakes and expert tips for delivering a more equitable, ethical, and effective interview – 90 minutes


What you will learn:

Deep-dive into every aspect of building a better interview process: recruiting & sourcing tips, job descriptions, interview rounds, interview questions and scoring criteria, data-supported collaboration and decision-making – 90 minutes

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